Hi there,

Maybe you can relate…


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I am a South African mom of three young boys. It’s a busy household.

I am the parent, friend, teacher, preacher, driver, cook, lap and shoulder.

Some days I wonder if the chaos is unique to my household or if others could relate. We might not all be in the same boat, but it’s the same storm.

I blow off steam when I write about it. Maybe, if you relate, same happens for you.

Current Affairs

No amount of social media exposure on Covid19
could prepare me for the reality of lockdown.

I documented some great family moments.


We read the books. We listen to the advice from elders.
We make mental notes in restaurants.

Then we become parents. And our eyes open.


Relationships are probably the most challenging happiness-in-progress.

Whether these relationships are with partners, kids, parents, siblings, colleagues, friends or neighbours – they shape our image and self-value.


A few two cents on some general topics.


I’m from a small coastal town, called Knysna, in South Africa.

I love drinking coffee with new friends.

However, I’m not so great at answering my phone, so if you can’t visit me personally, you can message me here or find me on Facebook.