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The vision for RelateToThat.com is to offer a safe online social community filled with positive energy, consideration for others, friendship and support from members around the world who can relate to life as we know it. Our lives are filled with joy, disappointments, illness and stress. Share your stories, your laughs, your pain points, your photos, your secrets, your thought provoking questions, and brighten someone else's day. The daily goal is that you sign out feeling better than when you signed in.

You can RelateToThat! They can RelateToThat! We can RelateToThat!

As a member of the social community for many years I noticed that many of the sites I belonged to had obvious flaws in pleasing their community. Members are very loyal if their user experience is a good one and very critical if it is not. They invest time in participating, adding content of value and sharing stories and inner feeling with other members and so it is vital that this corner of their world is a trusted and comfortable place for their thoughts and issues. Common sense would dictate that one only needs to listen to the majority of well respected members and execute changes that reinforce their loyalty.

To this point I had offered simple and thoughtful suggestions to my favorite online community for years before I made the decision to open RelateToThat. Hundreds of members were complimenting me on my suggestions and my popularity on this topic prompted many members to contact me privately with a plea to open a site that listens! I can "Relate to That" !!! The rest is history in the making.

Relate To That is a compilation of the designs, functionality, and approach from a wide variety of social sites and research. I do not believe in the "build it and they will come" philosophy, which always struck me as a bit arrogant. I worked in Retail for many years and quickly realized that no business is without competition in America and success rewards those who listen, learn and put their customers expectation before their ego. As luck would have it, my husband's professional career over the years has been in IT, Marketing, Retail and Web Site Sales and his trusted contacts over the years helped make this venture come together nicely.

In our efforts to bring considerate, caring people together we are committed to offering FREE advertising to all Non-Profit organizations that are promoting a mission of National or Global appeal to our community. We encourage people to contribute inspirational stories that relate to our affiliates to support their charitable efforts.

I know this page should be all "ABOUT US" but I am very passionate that this site be "ABOUT YOU" !!!

I will never feel I have all the answers and count on my community to steer my vision in the right direction. Your positive comments will continue to fuel my passion.

Thank you for supporting our efforts,









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