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I want to see this place take off

Discussion forum and humble think tank to discuss how this site can be made busier!

Created By: PUCK61
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I think we need to do more.

I think we should post more stories and questions to make Rtt more interesting.I see new members joining.That is a good sign but we can all do our bit to make this site...
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Written By: WHITESUNSHINE87 08/25/2016 1:55 AM
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Add your Story!

So, I'm going to get a lot of flack for saying this, but I think this site would be a lot better if people took the time to write more stories. I know there are a lot of reasons why people...
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Written By: WTFGIRL001 06/30/2016 12:34 AM
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I Am Glad To Be Here

I enjoy my time here and I am glad that I can come here and write about my feelings without fear of someone attacking me for them. I am a member of other sites but this is the place I come when...
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Written By: FUNGIRLMMM 06/14/2016 4:07 PM
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I share my writing in several places across the net. They all have their it good and bad sides. I really appreciate this place when I want a calm classy place to unwind and read stories. I...
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Written By: FUNGIRLMMM 05/11/2016 7:21 PM
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I like this site.

Those who are saying that this site is not so interesting should try to make it so.You can try to contribute in a positive way.If you are here just for messaging,then this is not the place for...
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Written By: WHITESUNSHINE87 04/27/2016 9:19 PM
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where are they?

A lot of people said they were coming here after EP. i have only seen a few familiars.maybe they just arent posting...
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Written By: XKMB 04/22/2016 7:13 PM
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I appreciate when a member upvotes one of my stories, but I warn you now my friends. Upvoting, without commenting will become Relates answer to 'Hearting' or to elaborate a...
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Written By: ALMOSTARISTOTLE 04/16/2016 3:12 PM
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Freedom of Speech

Freedom of speech is protect by the First Amendment of The United States Constitution. It was adopted December 15,1791, by The Bill Of Rights to ensure citizens of the United States would be...
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Written By: RELATETOTHAT 04/13/2016 12:00 PM
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Me too

Hope I've found a new place to be me. I think it's going to be...
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Written By: IMYSELFANDME 04/01/2016 1:53 AM
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I like Rtt

When I joined EP,I got a flood of dirty messages till I blocked people and only allowed those in my circle to message me.Some members are complaining about the lack of activity here.I like it...
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Written By: WHITESUNSHINE87 03/29/2016 9:04 PM
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