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I love flirting!  It's second nature to this southern gal.  I wish had more opportunities to flirt and be flirted with.  It makes you feel alive.  Ya...
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Written By: CHRISTINEJONES 08/28/2016 1:40 PM
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I like to flirt but..

I think I've forgotten how to. I guess I need to find  kindle book to teach me how to flirt...
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Written By: JOHNINABQ 08/24/2016 8:02 PM
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My move, in regards to flirting, is to be as sarcastic as possible and see how much you can...
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Written By: JUMPINGUP 08/12/2016 5:49 PM
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I don't know how to flirt

I am happily married so flirting with anyone else except for my husband is off limits......I wouldn't even know where to start, I think talking dirty is cringe worthy, I am a total prude...
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Written By: SAINTCHANTAL 07/08/2016 5:59 AM
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Love it

I love to flirt I sometimes do it without realizing...
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Written By: LIPSOFANANGEK26 03/30/2016 11:13 PM
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Good Example I Think

I don't know if I'm that good at it, but when someone is good at it it is so much fun. I really like when that happens on EP. when a stranger messages you, and the flirtation...
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Written By: SOFTLYWAKING 03/25/2016 11:40 AM
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