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I 'll respect your beliefs if you respect mine

For all wanting co-existence between all kinds of religion and their followers and non-religious people

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This sounds like...conditional!

I respect u if u respect me...honestly, and I may be alone in this: u don't owe me respect, and I don't owe it to u. There are many things I disrespect and won't lie about it...and...
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Written By: AGELESSBOOMER 09/29/2016 7:32 PM
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Being grateful.

I try to be grateful always but that doesn't make my problems go away.They are there and sometimes I have to work hard to overcome...
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Written By: WHITESUNSHINE87 08/04/2016 9:34 PM
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Being yourself.

What is wrong with that?When I got married,I was 22 and confused by the comments I heard from my husband's family.Now ,I understand all those negative comments came from insecurity-these...
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Written By: WHITESUNSHINE87 08/03/2016 10:18 AM
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Remain or Brexit

The arguments for and against being part of the EU are very passionate, and often angry, here in the UK .

I would now rather not know how my neighbour, colleague, friend, or even...
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Written By: TASSIE 06/20/2016 4:46 AM
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Pro -choice.

I posted a post here and on face book that our children should be allowed to choose their career and the person they want to marry.A face book friend started responding rudely to my post saying...
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Written By: WHITESUNSHINE87 05/14/2016 10:30 PM
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It's never about me being right and you being wrong. It is always about listening to respect to another's opinion. ~ Janice Manger

So often we feel the other person is wrong and we are right.Yesterday night ,I rang up someone.He was watching a movie on TV.He said he would call back later.In the morning,I got a message from...
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Written By: WHITESUNSHINE87 04/23/2016 2:09 AM
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Common Sense

Its pretty much guaranteed that arguing with someone wont change their opinions/beliefs to fit yours. If anything, arguing and name calling will push them further away and make them resent those...
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Written By: ASPIRINGMAGICALGIRL 04/18/2016 10:05 PM
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I respect you believing or not believing, as long as you can respect my freedom of speech. I will openly proclaim my feelings for Jesus...
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Written By: DUCKGIRL 04/18/2016 11:19 AM
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We are all entitled...

I respect your beliefs regardless of what you think of...
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Written By: KINGRICHARD44 03/29/2016 10:01 PM
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I am not American .So ,it won't matter to me much who wins the election!But I was surprised to see some ladies being interviewed in  a TV channel ..They think he is patriotic and would...
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Written By: WHITESUNSHINE87 03/29/2016 9:29 PM
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