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I Accept People As They Are


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yes, I accept them as they are, but...

this by no means says I allow them into my life. I am very picky about that...and with good reason. I'm really not a lover of people: the essence of human nature...ways of...
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Written By: AGELESSBOOMER 09/29/2016 5:27 PM
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You have permission to be a human being

We love, we laugh, we cry, we make mistakes. We are human... We are going to go through joy and pain. We all have a story and I believe everyone is the way they are because of their...
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Written By: JUSTBREATHELOVE 05/26/2016 5:06 PM
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my motives are often misunderstood as badly as i misunderstand others.

a tendency toward being harsh, judgmental, and critical.  im guilty of all this to an extreme level.  I cut no slack and spare no mercy for this person.

that person is...
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Written By: ARNOLDJRIMMER 04/28/2016 9:42 PM
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there are exceptions....

I can't accept people who refuse to think or are just plain annoying. i have plenty of faults of my own so it's...
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Written By: XKMB 04/14/2016 3:26 PM
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Always - there's not much point trying to change them after all ...

But just because I accept them as they are, doesn't mean I LIKE them!

And it sure as hell doesn't mean that I...
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Written By: KOBATO 03/27/2016 5:36 AM
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