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Relate to That Members and Friends,

We are sad to announce that RelateToThat.com will be 'shutting it’s doors’ permanently as of January 31st, 2018.  It has been a long road with many twists and turns but we have had a wonderful experience getting to know our loyal R2T members and wish you all the best. We’ll keep the site open so that you can copy/paste and save your special content between now and January 31st, 2018.

Should there be any paid members who feel a pro-rated refund is in order, please email support by January 20th, 2018 with a brief explanation. Please note: we will not share any member information so please make any private email connections prior to the closing of the site.

There are many personal and financial reasons for closing R2T, but  we hope you’ve enjoyed your time here on RelateToThat.com and hope you’ll always cherish the valued relationships you’ve made over the past few years on R2T. Janet and I want to give special thanks to Sara and John who have been invaluable partners and dear friends! Without them R2T would not have made it this far.

All the best in 2018 and beyond!

Janet, Sara, John and Henry


7/08/17 : Maintenance Notice


We’re excited for some upcoming changes at CFDynamics! Our engineering team has been hard at work planning and upgrading our core infrastructure, and now it is time for us to put all of this effort to work for YOU! You will enjoy a faster network and a more advanced firewall to protect your services. PLUS, we’ll be able to offer some new features in the future that we’re sure you will enjoy.

There will be no physical changes to your site, however you will be assigned a new IP address on an updated server. Although we have a wide maintenance window, we expect no more than a few minutes for actual down time. Once completed DNS propagation to the new IP address may be an issue for any caching DNS servers.

Because we control your DNS we will make the necessary changes for you! THANK YOU! All you have to do is rest easy and have a good night’s sleep.

Maintenance window: 7/12/17 6AM CST
Maintenance duration: 1 hours




4/25/17: MARCH GIVE-AWAY Winners:

Contest Giveaway Announcement - Lifetime Gold Supporter Memberships on R2T have been announced.  Check your private message inbox to see if you’ve won.

3/6/17: The migration to our new web hosting is complete. Site speeds and uptime will be greatly improved. The next phase of maintenance will be to delete old Private Messages, so please save any messages that are important to you. Eventually only the last 90 days of PM's will be saved. We are working on one remaining issue that affects the posting of images/ pictures, and we should have that corrected very soon. So other than that one issue we are back to normal so post to your hearts content ;-D

2/28/17: SITE MAINTENANCE: We are currently migrating to our new Web Site Host. This process includes maintenance and once complete takes hours to days to propagate across the Internet servers worldwide so members may see some anomalies. Just to play it safe, if you are posting something lengthy or important, we would advise waiting until next week. Since the IP address of our servers are changing, you may have to re-enter saved passwords or bookmarks for this site. Once we are done, we will be updating those members we previously missed, who originally joined as FREE members (before 4/21/16) with the correct expiration dates which you will see on your Profile settings ("Edit Profile"). It will be at the very top of the page under Account Status.  The result will help us provide faster load times, less interruption of service and provide us better tracking of issues and problem resolution.

Thanks for everyone's patience!!

2/26/17: Just a quick update. We are in the process of correcting/ updating members to a free status if they joined in the Free/ Pre-Troll days. All Top 20 Contributors have been updated to a year 2050 status if they were not already corrected last year. Please email in if we missed your profile. There was a glitch that makes this process a manual one so be patient with us as we make the corrections. Thanks for your help on getting this done right. Our apologies for not noticing it sooner. Hey we're not perfect ;-D

2/25/17: In  response to a handful of comments on memberships:
We are not here to make a quick buck or mislead anyone. If there is anyone who joined as a FREE member  back in the pre-Troll days and feels they should have a free for life status, please email us through support. We will review the account history and do the right thing. It was a very chaotic time last year with hundreds joining each day, and even those we gave a lifetime status to, paid just to show support for the safe site we are providing. To add to the confusion, some deleted their accounts and re-joined under same or different user names, others were banned and re-joined under different names, and other members were suspended temporarily for violating the TOS. As previously stated in the R2T Updates, we DID make free for life members out of the active members in good standing at that time. If we missed any currently active members, use the Support feature and bring it to our attention. We will continue to offer the safest, filth free, pop-up free social site of it's kind on the Internet. Let considerate people prevail !! We hope you can Relate to That.

*As we mentioned yesterday, should anyone have a hardship issue with paying the $5.00, they should email us through support. 


For the month of March we will be giving away 10 Lifetime Gold Supporter Memberships (value $30 per year). 
* Every member can send in ONE email with their top 3 nominee's 
* Emails must be received no later than March 31st
* Winners will be selected based on % of votes
* Lifetime members obviously cannot be eligible ;-)
*(There are no refunds or cash value associated with this offer. *Restrictions may apply. 

Many of you are receiving renewal emails soon so I wanted to clear up any confusion. As most of you know, to avoid the Trolls situation in particular and provide a safe site for all, R2T went to a $5.00 Annual Supporter model quite some time ago. As part of that process we gifted lifetime Gold Supporter status to certain key members that have been our R2T 'family' from our inception. We also extended membership dates for those who registered during the many upgrades early on. There is significant cost to running a site that include annual server fees/ maintenance, support, development, and on and on. Believe me when I tell you, that we bring you RelateToThat based on our passion not on dollars! 

On your profile page you can manage your renewal and your options. Should any member have a hardship with paying the $5.00 annual Supporter status, please email us your situation using the Support feature on the footer of our web site. We will review those on a case-by-case basis.
We are not pleased with our current web site hosting solution and the number of short term outages and have select a first-class hosting solution. We are currently working on the move/ upgrade and will notify everyone when the switch-over will occur. At that time there will be a day or 2 of possible disruption which is unavoidable, we are confident everyone will be pleased with the up-time and loading improvements once this improvement is complete ;-D
12/29/16: The staff at R2T just wants to thank everyone for a great year and wish everyone a Happy New Year! We have investigated reports of a site outage on Dec 23rd and found that there was no issues from our servers, but there was an internet outage that affected a number of web sites in New England. We were unaware of this issue until it was over the next day and apologize for any inconvenience. If you notice an issue in the future, please use the Support link to report any issues so we can remedy things quicker. In the last 2 days, it was also brought to our attention that a handful of members had trouble reporting a Support issue. We investigated that issue, made changes, tested those changes and the problem is now resolved. The error was caused by new anti-spam policies by various free-mail providers. Other recent fixes include enhancements to the Blocking feature, and quite a few backend administration changes that will help our staff manage the site and assist members.

4/22/16 5:30 pm EST:  SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT - RelateToThat is now open for new membership registration.  We look forward to welcoming new R2T members to our wonderful community!


4/22/16 7:25 am EST: SPECIAL UPDATE: Our apologies, but R2T registration should re-open by 4 or 5:00 pm EST. There is a technical issue with our Credit Card provider gateway that should be resolved in the next couple of hours. We are doing everything possible to quickly resolve this. Arghhhh. In the interim, potential new members can review our "Take a  Quick Tour" video to explore our offerings. Sorry for the inconvenience.


4/20/16: SPECIAL MESSAGE: Our #1 priority is to keep our members safe from Trolls and uplift every members mood during their visits here at R2T. Due to thousands of new members joining R2T last month we proactively set out to solve the growing pains. We suspended new registration so we could put anti-Troll processes in place and 'clean house'. Next we have upgraded our infrastructure and database to accommodate more users while boosting site performance. We have invested heavily in these new changes and have received some great ideas from members for future improvements that we would like to act on. Unlike many sites, R2T offers free advertising to non-profits and does not clutter your online experience with tacky pay-per-click advertising. We only allow advertising that is specific for the category, sub-category or group they are advertising in. No advertising will be ever be allowed on your personalized profile page. In order to meet these goals and cover our expenses, we will be re-opening to new members in the next day or so but as a subscription based community so we can provide our members all the features and services they deserve! For less than a few dollars a month we will be able to cover these costs. This change will also ensure address validated members which will all but eliminate undesirables. We are committed to our vision for a safe online experience and attracting considerate members. I know you can RelateToThat! 


4/1/16: Our web site footer has new HELP content to assist with registration. With the huge growth we have had recently we will be adding more FAQ'a to reduce the number of support emails.

2/15/16: New Notifications was modified to better show who is interacting with your content

12/10/15: We have changed the Notifications on the profile page to be more self-explanatory. Notifications are to there to let the member know who has interacted with your posts in the last 30 days. This has been renamed "New Notifications" and a count has been added so members can quickly see the number of notifications from members who are "in your circle" or "out of your circle" of friends. When you click on the bolded link, you will get directed to the actual posting link of the interaction that occurred. Once you check it out, the bolded link will display as un-bolded so you can distinguish the viewed notifications from the un-viewed ones. If you always check your "New Notifications" on the same device, this should work great.

10/2/15: Based on our feedback, research and analytics, many people new to R2T have poked around as a non-logged in user but were frustrated they could not "read more" when looking at content. We are working very hard on the Social Media venues like Facebook, Google + and Twitter to get new members so we rolled out a change last week that will allow more access and help our Search Engine rankings also. The new change will allow non-logged in user to read but not comment on all site content except of course your Profile Page which is only accessible to logged in users. This practice is consistent with most of the social sites on the Internet. As with anything on the Internet, PLEASE DO NOT POST ANY REAL LIFE INFORMATION ON ANY SITE. User names will be visible so if you are uncomfortable with your current choice, change it ;-D

9/7/15: Happy Labor Day! A lot of Labor went into our newest addition "Relate To This Blog". Personal blogs will be coming at a later date but this Blog will be our monthly topic for our members to focus on. If you have a great story you would like featured on the Blog please notify me using the Support link and include the URL (page address).

We are heavily promoting the Blog through Social Media channels like Facebook, Google+ and Twitter to attract new members from around the globe. Parachute Social Media will be marketing the site and we are very excited to shift into high gear on this effort.

8/23/15: Over the last 5 weeks we implemented some long overdue changes:

  • When copy and pasting web content into a story, please use the new PASTE AS PLAIN TEXT insert button. This will remove all those "funny looking text" (HTML). Sometimes certain characters will still be displayed, but you can EDIT your story to make any minor corrections or enhancements like bolding.
  • Posting links (URL links) in stories has been added. Please note that to protect your security and our we limit the links allowed to Relatetothat, Pinterest, youtube, Facebook and Google+.
  • We fixed a glitch that was adding extra blank lines to stories.
  • We are working on some additional changes that will be a surprise for now ;-)

6/27/15: GREAT NEWS! Some major changes were rolled out over the weekend.

  • The long anticipated "Replies" on comments in the Stories, Question/ Answer, and White Board sections are finally done. It may look pretty simple but this was a nasty bugger!
  • We have also reduced the Story word minimum to 10 words.
  • Manage your photos has been changed to make it easier to put your photos in the order you want.
  • We have modified the Change Top Groups and Change Top Friends to be easier to modify the order of your favorites. When you move an item from the left column to your Top 12 listing (right column) your item will be entered just below your Top 12 instead of all the way at the bottom and having to toggle the item all the way up what could be a very long list ;-)
  • We have added the ability to cut and paste certain URL Links into a story (Youtube etc). Either cut and paste an approved URL Link or use the Link Icon button to the right of other Text Box buttons. If you paste in a link that is not on the approved list, it will still display but will not be a live link. When others click your link they will be directed to the link destination in their browser.
  • We have made every members Profanity filter default to OFF, but you are welcome to enable it if you find this will be helpful for you. We are finding that most members are not seeing offense language so this change makes sense.
  • Please Note: We are aware of a couple of intermittent issues where clicking an activity links returns an error message, where "Click to see the comment/ reply" is not working, and cutting and pasting a page of web content into a story may not display correctly. These issues should be resolved in the next couple of days and are not widespread. If you see any other issues we encourage you to use the SUPPORT link at the bottom of the page and include a screen shot if you can. On an iPhone or iPad you use your home button and click your on/off button once to take a "picture of the screen" and then attach it as a photo image. The SUPPORT link provides our Tech team critical information that a Private Message will not.
  • WHAT"S NEXT? We are making some very minor enhancement to improve the user experience, and some cosmetic changes that were previously not a priority. We're also working on spreading the word and advertising now that we have completed the look and feel of the site to our members liking and see our profile/ demographics taking shape. We will not be using annoying pop-up ads or in-your-face page split advertising. Our ads will be Group specific and meaningful so for those of you who are looking for psychics, reducing belly fat or fighting a war of foot fungus and unsightly warts... may be disappointed. LOL 

5/19/15: The Replies enhancement took longer than anticipated but we have been testing and re-testing and we will have it soon. The original design spec was redone but we are happy with the final look and feel. Thanks for all your comments and patience.

4/19/15: We are pretty close on the REPLIES addition to our features. The reviewing, changing and testing we are hoping to have it in place in the next 2 weeks. Also around this time into next month, there will be other changes like lowering the minimum words on a story to 20; Making it easier to understand the difference between 'Hide' and 'Invisible' features; Allowing "Anonymous" Secrets; Allowing Replies/ Comments on already Resolved Questions; Adding Upvotes on Story/ Comments; Adding Youtube links; Adding indicators to New Recent Activities and Notifications; and a fix to the make the 'Triangle of Shame' (Profanity Filter) more practical and less annoying.

3/15/15: The list of glitches is pretty short finally. The big news is that we WILL have the REPLIES sometime mid to end of April!!! We also added an asked for feature in Notification so you can keep track of what you checked out and what you did not. The link you click will change from black to gray when content is viewed. Also you may notice we are making some small cosmetic changes here and there. I would be especially interested if you could let us know if there are any issues on your Homestream or Recent Activities or Notifications when you or your friends are hiding activity or using the Gold Supporter Invisible feature. More to come!

3/1/15: Still correcting a few glitches, but less and less every week. Here is a list of known bugs that are recently fixed or will be fixed by next week. We have completed the Replies specifications (Replies on Story comments, on Q&A comments, and Whiteboard comments) and hope to see and test the final version in the next few weeks. We know how important this feature is to our R2T Community! Beyond that we will be letting things settle in and concentrate on spreading the word to attract new members.

  • Only username, password, a valid email, age and gender will be required on registration. Every other preference is optional.
  • Site wide search ability to uncheck Secrets
  • Edit Group photo has been renamed "Edit Group"
  • Group description has been renamed Group "Keywords". We encourage users to enter one or more keywords which will make their group rank higher when searched by others. It was brought to our attention that a description can sometimes be so obvious it's  not worth the effort ;-) We agree.
  • Gold Supporter Alias ID feature has been corrected (sign-in issues)
  • Ability to delete content you posted. Ability to delete Relate-icons on your profile.
  • Hide Activity will be working correctly soon. Currently it is not hidden in Homestreams but is not visible on your own recent activities. Invisibility Gold Supporter feature will also be corrected.
  • Change Top Friends and Groups has better usability and will get one more tweak.
  • Resolved Questions are working correctly now (Read Only, with Best Answer)
  • Certain links to actions in Activity feeds are now corrected
  • Certain items were either not included or incorrectly included in activity streams (Home, Recent and Notifications)
  • Montage photo loading I hope is finally without issues!!! Please let us know if you are having any loading issues. If you use an image that does have the same proportions (aspect ratio), you will see a gray background to fill the gap.
  • Homestream will display half as many entries to avoid cluttering up the profile page and excessive scrolling. There is pagination so one can easily see them all with one click. If one of your Top 12 Friends is over-active and you do not want to see all their activity, you can leave them as a Friend but take them out of the Top 12. ;-)
  • Notifications will get an indicator to know last/ new items
  • Last Logged in will be added to the profile page
  • Last but not least we are saving some minor font size type cosmetic changes for last.

2/17/15: Things have been going smoothly and we are pleased to hear that the site is well received.  On the Support side I just want to mention that if you forget your password, you can use the "Forgot your Password" link on the log on screen for a reset. We do not have access to your password. Please report any other improperly functioning items using the SUPPORT link. Provide the steps you took to get the error so we can re-create the issue and provide screen shots or page links if you can. Our next step is to go back and fix the minor problems and improve usability. We will be improving the flow such as where the program takes you after you post an action, the size and location of "next action" items, and expanding on the Search function. We will be changing the required Group description and renaming it "keywords" which will make it easier on the brain and still help others find your group.

2/16/15: WE ARE LIVE !!!! We will be rolling out a few minor fixes as we move forward, but we are ready for you to pass the word ;-)

2/14/15: Monday morning 9:30 am-11:30 am EST we will be uploading many changes and bug fixes that may give you interrupted service. If all goes well we may be able to go live so you may be redirected to our true URL https://www.relatetothat.com At this time we are prioritizing bug fixes so if you see something say something! Please use the SUPPORT site link provided just to the right of this link. This link works for logged in and logged out members, so even if you are having a log in issue this is your best option. It would be extremely helpful to list the steps you took to encounter the bug so we can re-create the problem. We also want to enlist your help in flagging trolls, problems or any inappropriate content. You FLAG EM we'll BAG EM!!!

2/7/15: The next few days there will be intermittent errors as we visually improve your site experience and remove a lot of white space ;-) When we go live these errors will be very rare but since we are on the test site server things are not as seamless. Here are some of the things you might have noticed that are are done or need a tweak: Change Top Groups and Friends ranking tool with be improved to make it easier to move items up or down; The group displaying of photos is done, Q&A resolved questions are done; staying in the Q&A category you were previously in is done; PM is pretty close to being the way we wanted it; and the Support footer link is now functional and allows you to email us any issues and attach a screen shot! On the backend we are tweaking the moderator tools and control console.

For all of you who have shown your confidence in what we are doing here on R2T by becoming Gold Supporters WE THANK YOU.

 wink WE LISTEN! Our 1st release priority will be to add replies to comments in the story/comments, the Q&A comments and the Whiteboard site areas.

2/5/15: Many changes were rolled out yesterday so we apologize if you had error messages during the uploads. Area of change: Photos, Whiteboard (delete option & "More" pagination), Stories page (comment deletes, upvote moved closer to story), Q&A (Resolved Q's), Private Message thread order, and Group logo blurry problem (please reload your group logo if it is blurry please). The Profanity filter has been updated to be more liberal to reduce the pop ups. Next up we will be finishing the Support link on the main footer, Sitemap link on the main footer, and testing these recent changes. We hope to go live very soon but want to test these changes first.

2/2/15: Science & Technology Category has been added (Thanks MGPVISTAAYURVEDA ;-) good idea). A 2nd Update Info button and a few minor changes and explanations have been added to the Edit Profile area.
2/1/15: After we launch and have no bugs, we will be adding the ability to reply to comments on stories, whiteboard and Q&A.
2/1/15: Decision has been made to eliminate the Sexuality Issues Category which is currently only accessible by Gold Supporters. All related topics will be integrated into the existing topics. This will avoid any misconceptions about our hard line on sexual content and inappropriate content. It was designed to speak to the emotional impact of sexual issues and not erotica. Please flag any items against our Terms of Use so we can remove content like that.
1/31/15: Whiteboard pagination coming; More condensed view on a lot of things; Ability to delete anything you post; Groups pagination issues will be resolved; Profile setting will be more concise/ with explanation; More room to write on profile preferences fields; Pagination for photos is coming (album style); and the tools we use to moderate will give us more control to fix things.

1/20/15: We think/hope Profile pic sizing & Montage pic sizing is finally resolved so if you see something say something.
* Profile & Photo Montage have hopefully been fixed and resized to our spec. Please reload yours.
* PM's should be finished in the next day or so. Old PM's wil not be affected, new ones will have the new format.
* Many changes are getting rolled out this week. Lots of cosmetic changes and ability to delete everything you post should be in place very soon.
Stay tuned and thanks for your patience. Rome wasn't built in a day. ;-)

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