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Who knows what happened to Wingedwonder?

asked by LUNADELOBOS on January 10, 2018


I remember him Luna; yes, he had such a wonderful way with words. I don't think I've seen him here for at least 12 months. He disappeared :(
Have you tried SW? I thought I saw a similar name there once. I'm sure he'll pop one day :))
If I ever see him, I'll mention that you're looking for him.
Take care
by VALENTINE 01/10/2018 4:52 PM
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Last Reply by VALENTINE 01/10/2018 5:45 PM


He was literally like my SUNSHINE :D !!


He is not on SW.
And the Mug site he has left; though I still have his rose.
But, since he has left, it doesn't even have HIS name but some other name next to it.

Thank you very much Valentine.
I would really be grateful and thank you for replying.

I am sad that this site DELETED all of his information.
Stores, questions, comments. And of course we had the letters we'd write to each other.
So he was my #1 and I was his #1, and even after he left. All his stuff was up.
It was great.

He did not leave on bad terms, that's the thing.
NEVER could I have foreseen they would TAKE IT ALL AWAY!!! ;(

Hugs, L.


I just logged into SW.
OMG you're right!

Not only that but I have a WingedWonder as a contact, not friend.
It seems he has been absent for some time?

NO posts but his groups reflect who I remember him to be. YES!!!!

OMG :D !!!!!!

I am feeling better.

I also remember his first name.

Hugs, Luna :)

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This is a copy of a post I just put up on another site.
So please pardon the discrepancies and stuff like that. Thank you.

Hello everyone !

So, I am desperately searching for WingedWonder.

He was unapologetically happily exuberantly beautifully himself, with sprinkles SPARKLES and rainbows and unicorns!

He is the most loving person and always had a beautiful thing to say to anyone.
HE IS a One in this universe.

I chatted with him on I.M. about a year and a week ago, on answermug.
It was so GREAT to catch up with him, again.

We were Number ONE as friends on the site R2T! Besties.
Then he came to answermug,
and we sort of parted our ways.

I have come to answermug to seek him
and OMG< he is gone from here.
I still have his rose.

I knew his first name and it's kind of unusual,
and they deleted ALL of our correspondences on R2T (GRRRRRR!)
So, as I can't recall his first name, I can not even to try to find him on FB.

If you know his name I would really be grateful for you to connect with me on PM and let me know.

He is such a lovely peson.

Thank you for everyone who is reading this.

IF ANYONE knows of his whereabouts, or ANY details: I'd be truly grateful.

I have hopes.

by LUNADELOBOS 01/10/2018 12:32 AM
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Last Reply by LUNADELOBOS 01/10/2018 4:50 PM

Sorry,I have no idea.

Ok thank you very much.

His avatar was sometimes an angel with large wings and the colour scheme was purple.
He LOVED purple! It as his favorite colour.

Hugs, L.

Sorry Luna but it's not a name I recognise but I wish you luck in your search Hugs
by DLRANNIE 01/10/2018 11:29 AM
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Last Reply by LUNADELOBOS 01/10/2018 4:51 PM

Ok dear. Thank you so much.

Hugs, L.

Never heard of him, sorry.
by PENNYNOODLES 01/10/2018 4:45 PM
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Last Reply by LUNADELOBOS 01/10/2018 4:53 PM

OK thanks for letting me know :)

Here is a Q where I mention him and another member.

Hugs, L.

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