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Is it true cows have hooves instead of feet because they lactose? (Let the puns grow on the bovine)

asked by CONNIFER on August 12, 2017


ha! Do you have udder jokes about cows?

I think 5% of the world like this next (un?)joke. I'm in the 5%.
What's the difference between a cow and a horse?
They both go moo, except for the horse.
by ABSTRACTION 08/13/2017 8:23 PM
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Personally I like chicken better than beef....because I am lactose intolerant...:) I am getting out the weed killer for the bovine....LOL!!!
by ROLLE2323 08/12/2017 10:49 AM
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Last Reply by ROLLE2323 08/12/2017 12:44 PM

Weed killer for the bovine? :( I hadn't herd it would be effective


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