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What should you be careful about?

asked by WHITESUNSHINE87 on December 06, 2017


Be careful in your assumptions. You may assume that the reasons for another persons action are far different than what they really are.

My favorite story is the one about a man trying to pull into a parking spot in front of a pharmacy. Just as he is about to pull in, he is cut off by a man driving like a lunatic.

"That ##@@@***" says the man in the car. "What a complete jerk!!!"

He walks in to the pharmacy after finally finding a parking spot, and he is almost knocked down by the same man who is running on his way out. The first man says to himself, " I am going to file a complaint with the pharmacy."

He goes to the cash register at the pharmacists desk in back. The pharmacist is standing there, shaking his head. "That poor man", says the pharmacist. "He is out of his mind with worry. His daughter has a temperature of 104. I hope he can get the antibiotic home in time."
by ROLLE2323 12/06/2017 9:11 PM
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Last Reply by VALENTINE 7 days ago

Yes, easy to jump to conclusions.

Everything.....nothing is worth less attention than the next thing....
by DISGUISED 7 days ago
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active sperm
by PENNYNOODLES 7 days ago
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Last Reply by WHITESUNSHINE87 7 days ago

The pill should take care of that issue - lol

...jaw drops again...!

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