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Okay. Rant Time Again. Matching family onesie PJ's? Really? (see link below) NEWS FLASH. Onesies are for BABIES. Wait. Maybe these people have yet to grow up!

asked by CONNIFER on December 06, 2017


Ahh... good job you can't see inside our house, Connifer... Onsies are de rigueur... (Please don't block me...) ;)
by VALENTINE 12/06/2017 3:49 PM
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Last Reply by VALENTINE 7 days ago

Ah. So each holiday season, you ask which you should deploy first....the antlers on the car or the antlers on your PJs? rofl

How did you know my onesies have antlers on them? *checks camcorder on laptop*

Now that my daughter lives in TN, is osmosis going to kick in and make me a redneck? Or is that Texas...

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I saw something like this in Meijer today. Dad was rocking the typical millennial hipster beard.
by CONNIFER 12/06/2017 11:43 AM
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Awww. SO cute!!!! However, onesies for babies are short, like an undershirt and short panties combined, with a snap closure. :))
by ROLLE2323 12/06/2017 1:56 PM
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AW, they are cute; although not sure Mr N would look cute in one.
by PENNYNOODLES 7 days ago
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Last Reply by CONNIFER 7 days ago

Not sure many masculine men would want to look good in one...

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