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After R2T?

asked by VALENTINE on January 06, 2018

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Anyone care to share what they will be doing re their account here, deleting it before it closes etc? Anyone know if it will be left up for viewing after 31 Jan, like EP was?
I hope I will meet up with y'all afterwards. You are all pretty special people and friends. I seem to be gravitating towards Applies To Me and although it has had a few hiccups in confirming login details, I think it is worth grinning and bearing. I am on SW with the same username - let me know if I can help any :)
I know we're not quite there yet, but I see a few are already starting to delete their accounts, so I will say farewell to them and all of you. You have all been pretty special. x
by VALENTINE 01/06/2018 10:02 AM
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Last Reply by ABCDEF7 01/07/2018 12:00 PM

Thanks, you are special too. :)

I visit Sw... and have joined Buzz50.. Life goes on.
by COLLEENOHARA1 01/06/2018 10:07 AM
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S.W. seems to be the most lively site and I tend to go on there to have a giggle or two in the evening. Appliestome feels slow but we are trying to keep it running. Buzz50 is okay, although it seems a little impersonal to me. I'm happy to dip in and out of all three.
by PENNYNOODLES 01/06/2018 12:07 PM
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I am on SW as DrWatson. I am on ATM as ColonelBrandon. I am also on a site called AnswerMug as DrWatson. I joined all four (including this one) at the same time when EP was closing. I hardly go to Answermug at all these days. Nowadays I am more active on ATM than ever, largely because you folks are there now.

After I return from my upcoming travels, I will look into Buzz50.
by JOHNWATSONMD 01/06/2018 12:49 PM
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Last Reply by PENNYNOODLES 01/08/2018 3:00 AM

I really disliked answer mug, doubt I will go back to that one.

I would suggest more Merlot Mr V :)

I'll be on SW where I've been for some time. ATM seems to have registration issues and is quieter than R2T from what I've read on here so how long it lasts is debatable. As for Buzz 50 I'll check it out in 23 years time- lol. I know the Furry one is on Amirite amongst other sites

Good luck to you all wherever you decide to go.
by DLRANNIE 01/06/2018 12:58 PM
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Last Reply by JOHNWATSONMD 01/08/2018 9:40 PM

You have a point about the future of ATM, but some people here are preferring ATM over SW due to the environment. They(women/girls) have complaint about the perverts on SW.

Not had a pervert problem on SW and if I did there is always the block button and the ability to complain to admin about them. Obviously people are free to go to whatever site they wish

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Ah! I will see maybe ATM or SW. Got a mortgage t up keep. Not easy as I thought but am still hanging in there.
by BROTHER89 01/06/2018 2:11 PM
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I have copied some of the posts that I might want to use elsewhere, but I have no intention of completely deleting my posts or account.

I am already on SW and plan to stay. I'm not certain about this ATM site given the registration problems a lot of people are reporting.

I may look into the Buzz50 site - given that I am a geezer...
by SCIGUY18 01/06/2018 2:21 PM
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Back to the other website I use. I go to Similar Worlds.
by GOAGAINSTTHEFLOW 01/06/2018 6:50 PM
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My account will be deleted mainly due to uncertainty of ownership and future use of the content / my words. I have already removed all of my poems and most of my past questions. As you are aware im a bit paranoid about my identity being discovered so i operate a scorched earth policy. I will delete my account around the 28 i think. One on the reasons given for the shut down is cost. I have to suspect the big cost is to hire the server space. Therefore i also assume the space on the server will be handed back to the server owners...otherwise the cost to r2t will remain....but im taking no chances.

Im on other sites as Disguised..... I like ATM.... Yes its quiet but in all fairness no quieter than here has been. I know when i started using r2t more the qa section had 1 question a day.... I even asked a q if the site would crash because i asked 20.......where ever Mr V it will always be my pleasure to say....My Friend to you.
by DISGUISED 01/07/2018 3:45 AM
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I am on SW as 4meandyou, on ATM as rolle2323, and on Buzz50 as rolle2323.
by ROLLE2323 01/07/2018 8:03 AM
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i have queried for the domain registration of and the result shows the domain registration expiry date is 8 Feb 2018. And they have not yet renewed it, neither(I guess) they will. They can close the site even before the last date of domain registration due to other financial reasons like SSL expiry or the hosting account expiry. So it not likely that we see the R2T live after 31 Jan.

I will probably delete my account here a day before the close down of website. Till now my experience has been not so good at Similar Words. So I am hopeful with AppliesToMe. I have same name on both these sites. See you there. :)
by ABCDEF7 01/07/2018 11:36 AM
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