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My culinary efforts appear to be a little rushed these days. How do I get rid of the taste of cheese from the gorn-orf butter I mixed in with the mash for my dinner. I only had one mouthful, but...

asked by VALENTINE on October 12, 2017


Butter that has gone off a bit is very good in a sour dough pancake, or atop a baked potato. If it tastes like cheese, then glory in it and add more cheese. :)
by ROLLE2323 10/12/2017 10:33 PM
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Last Reply by ROLLE2323 10/13/2017 9:57 PM

I knew I could rely on Rolle for a practical, pragmatic solution. Shall I get the mash out of the bin? ;)

LOLOL!!! Be sure to scrape away the used tea leaves....:)

by DISGUISED 10/12/2017 2:59 PM
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Last Reply by VALENTINE 10/12/2017 3:16 PM

Unfortunately, in the binary world of marmite 'love it or hate it', I am in the 'hate it' camp. Phone a friend? ;)

Can the mash be made into bubble and squeak cooking a carrot mashing it through the mash and cooking it all in spoonfuls in the frying pan . Can I ask what is gorn orf butter ?
by MINTYBEAR2 10/12/2017 3:44 PM
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Last Reply by VALENTINE 10/13/2017 7:06 AM

Mmm, but the gorn-orf butter (how our Prince Charles pronounces 'gone off' ;) still tastes of 'cheese'?

Well, am sure it cannot taste all that bad? Like my secondary school's food... Mind you, sometimes the fat dinner lady's pimples looked appetising than that gooey thing you better hope was, indeed, porridge!

(hope I made yah laugh/ smile).

Now, how does one take out cheese taste? I suppose you could pull out the whole mix? There must be a trick! Like burnt toast; simply pop cold splashes of water on them, microwave for 10 seconds ONLY then the toast is still burnt, but it gets rid of burnt taste COMPLETELY!

Works like a charm.
by BROTHER89 10/12/2017 5:45 PM
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Last Reply by BROTHER89 10/14/2017 3:25 AM

It did taste that bad, Bro, even worse than secondary school dinners (though I of course went to Grammar school... ;)

Burnt toast is apparently carcinogenic, so please be careful?

Oh no! Thas just a rumour. If it true I would've been d.e.d ages ago.

Born-orf-butter....euuuwwww, does that even happen? You must've had it for years Mr V. perhaps a fridge de-clutter might be in order.
by PENNYNOODLES 10/13/2017 1:13 AM
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Last Reply by PENNYNOODLES 10/15/2017 3:37 AM

Fridge? You're supposed to put it in the 'fridge' thing? That's for beers and ciders and gin and tonic and lemons etc etc etc surely? It had I admit been 'on the side' 'in the butter dish' since summer. Moving on, when are you & Mr N coming round to dinner then? What, you're busy that weekend? I didn't say which weekend though?! :((

Unusually happy, Valentine? It appears you're bursting with some news you wanna share but holding back.

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