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Is insisting on a prenuptial agreement the ultimate in distrust?

asked by VALENTINE on January 10, 2018

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No..... Yes.... But..... Hum..... Depends on circumstances...
by DISGUISED 01/11/2018 1:04 AM
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Last Reply by DISGUISED 01/12/2018 11:19 AM

This prompts me to asking a question about 'sitting on fences'... ;) good at that.....

Nowadays we buy insurance for virtually everything, I guess this is one way of insuring your money itself. It's not something that I would even consider but then, i don't have enough money to worry about. I can see why some would do it.
by PENNYNOODLES 01/11/2018 1:04 AM
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Last Reply by VALENTINE 01/11/2018 4:27 AM

Insurance? Wow. There's a thought. How about MOTs and Road Tax? The analogy could run on and on... ;)

Interesting. I posted the same Q on another site, and someone captured it rather well I thought:

"The person you marry is never the same person you divorce".

Poignant, I thought :)
by VALENTINE 01/11/2018 4:30 AM
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Perhaps it would have been unnecessary (and even unheard of) back in the old days when people married much younger and neither party had much. These days, people seem to be getting married for the first time at a much older age. In addition, you have to consider those who are getting married for the second, or third (or more) time. In those cases, it seems eminently practical.
by SCIGUY18 01/11/2018 2:45 PM
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My grandfather had his second wife sign one. They married in their 70's and there was a farm and a lot of money involved. Marie spent a lot of time, nevertheless, trying to talk my grandfather into including her children from her previous marriage as inheritors of the farm.
by ROLLE2323 01/11/2018 3:25 PM
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Well sometimes it saves life, period. Hugs, LW
by LIVINGWELL 01/12/2018 1:18 AM
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